Here are the latest downloadable documents available from the Mohawk River Watershed Coalition.
These documents also include the latest Management Plan and Executive Summary.
Your input is important! Please contact us with your feedback on the management plan.


Mohawk River Watershed Management Plan
28M Download
Executive Summary  Management Plan 
GIS-in-the-Mohawk Mohawk-River-Watershed-Governance
Mohawk Symposium 2015 Ecologic  Symposium Presentation 2015 
GIS-in-the-Mohawk GIS-in-the-Mohawk
Mohawk Symposium2015 - Budreski  GIS in the Mohawk 
Mohawk-River-Watershed-Governance Mohawk-Subwatershed-Assessments
Mohawk River Watershed Governance  Mohawk Subwatershed Assessments